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Road2IT is a website for every chief information officer or technology enthusiast who wants to establish a new network management policy. It explains in detail how a CIO can go about developing a cost effective network management strategy from a wide range of vendor and technology solutions. It also explains how to avoid the common challenges of bad network management practice.


Whether an organisation is looking at optimising its existing tools, issuing a request for proposal (RFP) for new network management equipment or simply understand technical jargon, then Road2IT has the answers. In today's competitive and cost conscious world, corporations regard information technology (IT) as a necessary evil. The demand and expectation to deliver is enormous as organisations grow; hence the need for a continuous evolution of an IT platform. 


There are instances where firms are unable to achieve 100% value from their management tools. This is simply because they are neither equipped to operate pro-actively, nor have the confidence in the solution to action change. Road2IT attempts to tackle business operations alignment with IT infrastructure, break down the technology used into its raw components, and simplify the cryptic world of network management.


Furthermore, Road2IT explores different types of network management tools and how organisations can exploit them to meet their goals. It also talks about the limitations of management tools in certain environments, and what measures can be taken to address them. The website also touches on deploying IT platforms that can carry a range of different management solutions.


There are practical templates to assist businesses in issuing a network management request for proposal (RFP) and setting up a proof of concept trial to prove a solution is fit for purpose. In addition, it has practical framework for establishing service level agreements to help organisations move into a pro-active management mode of operation.


Road2IT has two sections. The first section comprises network management methodology, commentary from industry experts, white papers and latest industry trends. Industry expert Craig Sutherland has contributed on network management methodology. He will regularly provide suggestions and ideas on network management and deployment.    


The second section has questions and answers (Q&As) in the member forum. My intention is to allow the IT industry help me shape the website. I have introduced the platform for collaboration, let us see how it shapes up. The inspiration to launch ROAD2IT is Jaden Alexander, however, the Middle East and Africa (MENA) IT industry inspired the content. For the past six years I have lived and worked as a journalist in Dubai, and seen an amazing development in the technology industries of these emerging markets.


For example, the telecommunication industry in the MENA region is booming. It can not be easy an  task in the current climate of global recession. Road2IT will explore what is driving the technology boom with the help of industry experts.


Welcome to Road2IT  

Angela Sutherland