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Asymetrical Digital Subscriber Line,(ADSL) a type of last mile broadband access using existing copper telephone wires. The download speed is typically faster than the upload speed, speed up to 25Mbps are possible with newer versions.


The speed and performance of ADSL is dependant on the quality of the copper wires to the exchange and the distance between the subscriber and exchange. 


ADSL is considered the direct evolution of fixed modem technology which also used the copper telephone connection to communicate. Unlike legacy modem connections, ADSL allows a subscriber to 'piggy-back' their telephone connection on the ADSL connection and use both services concurrently.


ADSL is a 'always on service'. Although some carriers may configure the circuit to drop after a period of inactivity. IP addresses are assigned either dynamically or statically depending on the subscribers requirements.


ADSL connection terminates within the telephone exchange on a concentrator known as a DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer). Often multiple carriers will share DSLAM access from an incumbant fixed line carrier.