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Mobile Broadband Boost

As the demand for a smooth and seamless integration of Wi-Fi access becomes increasingly important part for the mobile broadband service, Ericsson has announced its 3GPP compliant Wi-Fi network access, control and management solutions.

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Securing Utilities Infrastructure

As a highly critical sector, the oil and gas infrastructure should be one of the most secure, both physically and digitally. This is not the case.

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Emerging markets will generate US$1.22 trillion in IT spending in 2012, representing more than 31 percent of the worldwide total, according to market analyst Gartner. sales growth

The emerging regions of Asia/Pacific (which exclude the mature markets of Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Latin America, the Middle East and Africa and Central and Eastern Europe, continue to show IT momentum despite a high degree of financial uncertainty.


“While professional and consumer market opportunities can be found in many emerging markets, Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and China (BRIMC) continue to perform particularly strongly, and this is where over half of emerging markets' IT spending will be concentrated in 2012," said Luis Anavitarte, research vice president and head of emerging markets research at Gartner.


"Seventeen percent of global IT spending will be generated by BRIMC in 2012, representing nearly $658 billion, and the markets remain far from saturated." From a regional perspective, Latin America will generate nearly $326 billion in IT spending in 2012, of which professional markets will represent 48.4 percent of the total IT market in reaching $157.7 billion in 2012.


Consumer markets in Latin America will reach $168 billion in 2012. IT spending in the Middle East and Africa is expected to reach $244 billion in 2012, with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and South Africa accounting for approximately 35 percent of this revenue. The Middle East and Africa professional markets represent 38 percent of the total IT market in the region, and will reach $93 billion in 2012.


Central and Eastern Europe are expected to generate $158 billion in 2012. Professional markets will represent 48.2 percent of this, totaling $76 billion, while the consumer market is predicted to reach $81.7 billion. Russia's share of IT spending in 2012 is expected for be 45 percent, followed by Poland with 11.8 percent, the Czech Republic with 7.7 percent and Hungary with 3.7 percent. IT spending in emerging Asia/Pacific countries is expected to reach $496 billion in 2012.


Emerging Asia/Pacific professional markets will reach 42 percent of the total IT spending, while consumer IT spending will reach $288 billion in 2012. "IT spending caution will be a constant in 2012, suggesting IT sales will be more challenging than in 2011,"  Anavitarte said. "In 2012, we expect to see a more aggressive approach of selected professional and consumer markets, with particular attention to new consumer buyers. IT budget increases are expected in emerging markets for 2012."

----- Gartner

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