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Portugal's pay TV and Internet provider ZON Multimedia has inked deal with Ericsson as consulting, systems integration and managed services partner to operate and maintain its data centers in the region.


Under the two-year contract, Ericsson is responsible to optimize the operational performance of ZON's information systems and information technologies (IS/IT). With more than 1.6 million customers and a countrywide optical fiber network, ZON is the main operator of subscription-based TV and new-generation broadband services in Portugal. By assigning responsibility for its IS/IT management to Ericsson, ZON says it will gain efficiency and flexibility in its operations.


Furthermore, it can focus on providing enhanced quality for its customers and faster launch new services. Luís Lopes, chief operating officer, ZON Multimédia, says: "We have chosen Ericsson due to its global experience and local competence in managing complex projects. Ericsson has proven to have the required capability to deliver IT services, allowing us to be more competitive in the market.”

Operators are facing an increasingly complex IT landscape and need to find ways to simplify their IT operations, says Valter D’ Avino, vice president and head of managed services at Ericsson. “By our managed services and consulting and systems integration capabilities we have reinforced our IT capabilities, taking a new role in the modernization and optimization of IT infrastructures, with the same commitment and professionalism that we have demonstrated in telecom projects,” says D’Avino.

As for ZON’s day to day activity, Ericsson will be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the company’s data centers, including hardware, software, operating systems, databases, backups and storage. Additionally, Ericsson will act as a consultant and systems integration partner, contributing to the optimization of IT processes - specifically, through the conception and definition of a services catalogue - and use of industry standards such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

The move builds on Ericsson's strong momentum in the areas of managed services, consulting and systems integration and the increased demand for end-to-end network and IT capabilities. Ericsson now manages IT platforms on behalf of operators that serve approximately 400 million subscribers worldwide.


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