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Huawei is extending its contract with Qtel to implement the phase II project of the carrier's national rollout of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) ultra broadband network infrastructure.


Using Huawei's SingleFan solution, the network will cover all the territory of the country and provide network access to the entire population at a downstream speed of up to 100Mbps. The network will also provide products and services to more users, including voice communications, high-speed Internet, and IPTV Qtel provides services for over 660 million subscribers in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.


As the main provider of convergent communications services in Qatar, Qtel says it is committed to providing fixed network products and services to households and businesses to promote the sustainable development of the country's information industry. To attain the strategic objectives of bringing Qatar's broadband coverage closer to 100% of households and businesses within two years, providing an Internet speed of up to 100Mbps to households Qtel aims to consolidate its competitive edge by expanding the coverage of its fiber network from its phase I scale to national coverage.

Huawei will provide a Turnkey solution which integrates the central equipment room, optical distribution nodes (ODNs), optical line supervision (OLS), optical access equipment, and other equipment. The project will provide 90,000 additional connections. Qtel's chief operating officer  Walled Mahamedal-Sayed says: "It is an important strategic alliance that will contribute to the growth and development of Qatar. The rollout of these additional 90,000 connections has already begun. We have already laid fiber passing 126,000 homes, have connected 30,000 homes to the fiber network and 10,000 households are already enjoying the fiber services."


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