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Ericsson has launched its new plan to provision for mobile. With this solution, the vendor is helping operators realize efficiency and bring services to their customers quickly and simply.


Today, operators do everything to provide their users with a superior network performance and customer experience; for example by quickly and seamlessly rolling out new mobile services. At the same time - to stay profitable and competitive - they need to find ways to handle increased business and technology complexity with fewer resources. The solution helps operators to increase efficiency and cost performance of their LTE, 3G or 2G networks. In addition, the solution expedites changes needed to accommodate future network growth and technology evolution.   

Elisabetta Romano, head of OSS, business unit support solutions, Ericsson says: "Many aspects of provisioning for mobile networks can be automated today, but care must be taken not to sacrifice design and performance. Plan to Provision for Mobile helps operators strike a sensible balance between automation and manual activities - reducing errors and costs, while deploying staff to do what they do best. It also eliminates manual, error-prone inventory assignment, and consistently coordinates all network and service activation."

Plan to provision for mobile improves design, capacity expansion and discovery and reconciliation processes  through network configuration and equipment activation, all while preserving the integrity of the operator's vital data, from data federation to data discovery and reconciliation. The solution provides an operational environment that harmonizes the design and configuration of cell sites, radio parameters and backhaul transmission. Ultimately, it reduces the time it takes to go from RF planning to equipment activation for any mobile network.


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