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As corporations and data centres look at ways of managing their data securely and cost effectively, data vendors are exploiting these opportunities.


CommVault, for instance, has launched its singular data management software platform, Simpana 10. The firm says the solution will accelerate delivery of managed services and cloud computing with new automation for large- scale data centers. It also extends data protection and archiving to deliver secure, self-service access from mobile devices. For example, employees across the enterprise – not just IT managers -- can  repurpose data under management and quickly search, access, create information to enable better decision making and collaboration. Bob Hammer, Chairman and CEO of CommVault, says CIOs continue to look for ways to control big data and enhance methods that make the data work smarter for their enterprise. “The launch of Simpana 10 delivers an exponential leap on how companies manage data for their mobile workforces, improve operational efficiency at scale and extract more value from their data for better, more timely decision making,“ adds Hammer.

CommVault has also launched new enterprise consulting and professional services, educational offerings, including new predictive analytics support. Most companies report it is critical or very important that their end users have the ability to securely access data from outside the office from any device. According to CommVault, organizations are interested in a solution that enables end users to have secure, universal access to all company data from any device at any time, via intuitive search.

Furthermore, IT leaders and service providers can improve quality of service and easily deploy scalable, shared services, cloud computing and IT-as-a-service infrastructures. Compared to the previous software release, Simpana 10 reduces the time required to manage operations by up to 50 percent. Robert Amatruda, research director, data-protection and recovery, IDC, says unabated data growth, rapid virtualization and an increasingly mobile workforce are outstripping the ability of companies to adequately safeguard their data using traditional processes or tools. “Simpana 10 delivers a modernized and integrated set of solutions for enterprise customers needing to protect and archive their data at scale as well as repurpose it for many use-cases saving them time and money,” explains Amatruda.

Rackspace uses CommVault’s Simpana software to back up 50 petabytes of data a month. Rackspace CIO Dr. Stephen F. Mills says his company is an open cloud firm with a lean team that moves at the speed of business to back up more than 60,000 customer servers a night. “We rely on CommVault to advise us in the way we back up customer data because data protection is a critical service that we provide our customers. CommVault’s source side dedupe has saved us a substantial amount in disk costs alone, and it helps to keep the data volumes on our network low,” says Mills. “Before we selected CommVault, we struggled to get our partners to listen to us and to incorporate the features we needed into their product roadmaps.” 


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