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Telecommunications equipment provider ZTE has secured a deal to provide a CS/IMS converged voice network to the Telekom Austria Group. Under the agreement, ZTE will deploy a mobile CS (Circuit Switched) softswitch network to replace the existing mobile core network for Telekom Austria in its northern operational districts, including Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein.


At the same time, ZTE will build a new IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) network in these branches. The converged voice solutions is based on a cloud solution helping to reduce TCO. Using an IMS hosting solution, the centralized IMS core will be deployed to serve various branches of the company  independently, enabling the rapid launch of new services and giving the Telekom Austria centralised management and control of its networks.


The newly-built IMS network will support various scenarios including RCSe (Rich Communication Suite-enhanced) and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) to enable full convergence of the operator’s fixed and mobile networks. The IMS RCSe service will provide a multimedia experience to users, helping the operator to deal with the challenges from Internet-based OTT (over the top) providers. The IMS network also helps to achieve standard VoLTE service.The new mobile softswitch and IMS network will help Telekom Austria to increase its network capacity, enabling rapid growth of the operator’s customer base. ZTE’s integrated core network equipment will reduce the network’s physical footprint, enhance the service quality and reduce the operator’s CAPEX.


“The new ZTE CS/IMS network opens up the future for Telekom Austria,” says Hans Pichler, CTO of Telekom Austria Group. “It will enable us to easily expand our business while giving our customers the best possible experience of the latest fixed and mobile communication services.” "Our future-proof mobile voice and broadband multimedia service network for Telekom Austria Group will bring fresh experiences to users. It will also enable the company to strengthen its lead in different markets," says Xu Ziyang, vice president of ZTE. The firm will work on this project in collaboration with Kapsch Carrier Com.


Telekom Austria Group is Austria's largest information and communications services provider and one of Europe's leading full-service carriers. Telekom Austria Group operates in of eight markets in Central and Eastern Europe including Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, Slovenia, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia and Liechtenstein.



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