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Aito Technologies has teamed up with Anritsu for integration with the vendor’s advanced CEM solution, ACEM inside the MasterClaw solution. Customer experience analytics provider will combine its Aito CEA 6 with mobile operator’s network, business, device and customer data to create technical and commercial customer experience profiles for individual subscribers.


The Aito CEA 6 data feed will provide Anritsu’s advanced CEM solution with scores and indicators about customer experience, behavior, device and business, which in turn can be further used for triggering real-time customer experience based  alarms. Gerald Ostheimer, managing director at Anritsu says: “By integrating Aito CEA subscriber profiles with Anritsu ACEM data we will be able to enhance the real-time analysis capabilities for our users. Anritsu’s ACEM solution will be able to provide mobile operator’s with over one hundred commercial and technical indicators enabling a 360-degree view into individual subscriber’s behaviour, experience and business aspects over the life cycle.”  


Anssi Tauriainen, Aito Technologies’ CEO, says Anritsu is a long-established partner of Aito and has strong  market presence and traction with its advanced CEM solution, and we are happy to provide the Aito CEA 6 solution. Meanwhile,  Aito has acquired Iptune as part of its growth strategy in strengthening the market share. By integrating the Iptune service manager technology (renamed mobile data insight) into Aito CEA customer care and network troubleshooting modules, a mobile operator’s network operations and customer care staff will enjoy a comprehensive and exact understanding of network performance affecting subscribers in real time.

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